Spam Filtered E-mail

We can provide business email accounts with Spam filtering

  • Are you having to delete tons of unwanted messages a day?
  • Do you sometimes delete a real message unknowingly?
  • How many hours a month are wasted by your employees?

Our mail servers can automatically filter out 97% of unwanted spam to save you time, money and loss of business through missed e-mails. Import your email address book to our server for even better control and even less spam.

Our system automatically checks several aspects of new incoming emails and can detect new spam almost immediately. Click here to see how.

Each user can receive a single message each day showing what messages have been quarantined, they can then review them and if necessary release any valid emails that may have been held back in the quarantine store.

Email solutions available for single users to multi site / multi regional / international businesses. We can provide connectivity options to suit your environment including POP or IMAP accounts and direct SMTP feeds.

* New * - We can now supply direct to yourselves (in association with T-Mobile), fully internet enabled handsets. You can receive your e-mail on the go, along with Internet Based Outlook Collaboration and Internet enabled calendars. Keep your contacts and task lists synchronised with wireless remote connectivity between your home/office machine and your mobile.

If you have your own Microsoft Exchange Server we can manage this for you and provide a backup mailbox if your server or broadband goes down.

Click here to check out our synchronised cloud email services..

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