Web Server Hosting Specialists

Client centred specialist website and server hosting

Shared Solutions

A quick, easy and cost effective entry-level web hosting service. Ideal for Small and Medium enterprises who want to put their websites online with the necessary levels of security, access and connectivity.

Dedicated Web Hosting

We have harnessed years of experience in dedicated hosting (including ColdFusion, ASP and PHP) in order to deliver our complex hosting services, utilising industry leading clustered and load balanced server technology.

Virtual Servers

New to our hosting solutions. Virtual Servers are a clever way of maximising your hardware resources and power consumption. Host more than 1 application server on a physical resource. Good for short term solutions or disaster recovery. We use virtual servers to test and retest software changes without the need for a dedicated server resource. The other benefit of virtual technology is being able to allocate new or additional physical resources such as moving to a new more powerful server incredibly quickly.

Clustering and Server Farms

Some sites are just too big to run from one server. We can manage this complex arrangement splitting your system to multiple servers to ensure maximum uptime for your application or website. Click here for a demostration of server clustering.

Managed Servers

As London Web hosts your website for you and manages your server, there is no need for the capital expenditure involved in purchasing your own hardware and software. Your staff do not have to be trained in Internet and security technology, nor do you have to provide special on-site housing facilities. 

Coldfusion Hosting

Click here to learn more about our ColdFusion Hosting


Our Products:


Mobile Device Management


ActiveSync For BlackBerry


Sync Mobiles to Mail Servers

Joined Up Email

Collaborative Email Accounts

Mobiles 4 Medics

Mobile Solutions for the Medical Sector

Web Filter

Monitor and Block Staff Surfing

Instant Internet

Low Cost CMS Web Design Service

ESET Anti-Virus

The World's Best Anti-Virus Software

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