3G or 4G Internet for your Office/Event with fixed IP

Mobile Internet Access for your office, 3G or 4G with Static IP


London Web has pioneered a mobile broadband service with public static IP address which can be used in many situations as follows:-

  • As an ideal disaster recovery solution, when combined with an adsl or fttc connection.  In the event that there is a BT fault and your broadband stops working, the LW supplied router can automatically failover to 3G/4G and your office can continue to operate and receive email seamlessly with no downtime whilst the BT fault is rectified.
  • As a standalone, temporary internet solution for new offices while waiting for adsl or fibre connectivity to arrive, as it can be installed and working within a few minutes.  Subject to signal availability anywhere in the UK.
  • As a short term solution for PR events, outdoor exhibitions and conferences where additional internet connectivity is required and there are no wired solutions available in the timescale, multiple routers can be deployed with multiple wifi networks for larger numbers of users.  This is ideal for journalists who require connectivity for Twitter, Facebook and email during events.
  • As a service for unmanned kiosks and equipment that requires an internet connection to transmit data and can be fully monitored and reset remotely by SMS message to minimise on-site maintenance.

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