Leased Lines - Fibre

High Bandwidth, High Speed Internet Access with fibre (fttp)

Point to Point leased lines are dedicated between 2 fixed points for organisations requiring guaranteed bandwidth between 2 locations such as a branch and head office, however low cost internet fibre interconnectivity with VPN connections are a very flexible and cost effective solution.

These days with the emergence of low cost, high speed/bandwidth solutions provided by fibre more and more enterprises are switching to fibre connectiions for their mission critical connectivity for 25 staff or more.  Although installation can take an average of 75 days, so needs to be ordered well in advance, London Web can provide temporary or longer term resilient connectivity through wireless or 4G links which can bridge this gap.

London Web are part of a government initiative to improve internet connectivity for business, so you may also be eligible to a grant of upto £3,000 to help you pay the installation costs of a Leased Line/Fibre solution of over 20Mb in speed.

Fibre connections can be provided for a varierty of speeds with upgrade capability built in, see table below:-

Download Speed Upload Speed Bearer bandwidth / maximum upgrade speed
10Mb 10Mb 10Mb
10Mb 10Mb 100Mb
30Mb 30Mb 100Mb
50Mb 50Mb 100Mb
100Mb 100Mb 100Mb
100Mb 100Mb 1Gb
200Mb 200Mb 1Gb
1Gb 1Gb 1Gb

Speeds of 300-90Mb are also available over a 1Gb bearer.  All connections are supplied with a NTE endpoint router device and are fully managed and monitored with a 99.95% uptime SLA.

If your business needs the type of speed and reliability that only a leased line can satisfy then contact us for a quotation.

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