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London Web’s team of highly skilled engineers can custom configure a variety of secure, load balanced and clustered services to meet your exact specifications which will greatly enhance the reliability, performance, scalability and security of your network infrastructure while ensuring maximum peace of mind.


With load balancing, the traffic for a single web site is distributed across multiple physical servers evenly among all the servers or with the load optimised on a particular server in the cluster. A simple two server cluster runs front-end web server software on one machine with back-end database and application facilities on another. London Web can also provide more multifaceted systems with several servers that include additional functionality such as data replication and mirroring. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the network architecture you need to distribute your load, lower latency and reduce downtime to the end users.

Our Products:


Mobile Device Management


ActiveSync For BlackBerry


Sync Mobiles to Mail Servers

Joined Up Email

Collaborative Email Accounts

Mobiles 4 Medics

Mobile Solutions for the Medical Sector

Web Filter

Monitor and Block Staff Surfing

Instant Internet

Low Cost CMS Web Design Service

ESET Anti-Virus

The World's Best Anti-Virus Software

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