London Web Wimax service for fast installation and Business Continuity

With the right connectivity, your business can thrive. You can do more business, keep more business and win more business. London Web Wimax is a different sort of business network - offering a fresh way to connect and a fresh way to work.

This connectivity is ideal for resilience for a fibre connection that if cut could cripple your business and prevent your staff from working.  Last year more than 40,000 digs in the street were carried out by utility companies, what business continuity measures do you have in place if your internet connection was cut?  Click here to see what could happen.

London Web are part of a government initiative to improve internet connectivity for business, you may be eligible to a grant of upto £3,000 to help you pay the installation costs of a Wimax premium solution of over 20Mb in speed.

With London Web Wimax you can enjoy fast, secure, reliable and truly flexible business connectivity like no other. Our fully owned, independent network gives you symmetrical upload and download capacity so you’ll always enjoy speeds from 2Mb up to 10Mb on our standard service and up to 100Mb on our premium service.

We don’t use traditional copper wires and we don’t have to rely on anyone else for our service. That means we can offer an unrivalled 99.5% Quality of Service guarantee – as well as a promise to get you up and running on our network in less than 10 days.


How Big Is The Antenna?

The London Web Wimax service is delivered to your building using a very unobtrusive antenna located on your roof.  It measuresjust 22cm x 22cm square (6cm deep) which is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper!

From the antenna the engineers will run the cabling that’s needed down to your Comms Room or IT Department and connect it one of our London Web Wimax routers. From there you simply connect into you existing equipment. The whole install process takes just a couple of hours to complete and is done with minimal disruption to you and your business.

Wimax Coverage In London  

WiIMAX covers most of cenral London as far North as Kentish Town, to Whitechapel in the East, Clapham in the South and Hammersmith in the west

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the Wimax London Coverage map

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