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Backup files online with our Online Backup Service

Online Backup ServiceOur Online Backup Service is the perfect home and business backup service. It automatically backs-up your PC or laptop or servers every day, from just £1 per GB per month*

If you run a small business, how important is the information on your server, PCs, Macs and laptops? The implications of losing all or some of your information could be huge. Imagine losing all your emails, project work, customer data, address book and financial records. Would your business survive?

Would your clients accept a loss of data? The chances are, your customers have off-site backup systems in place, and probably expect you to do the same.

Our automated Net Backup service is perfect for the small business or home-worker. It automatically uploads your files to our servers using your internet connection. The technology we use is already giving tens of thousands of people complete peace of mind.

* small monthly charge per unique user account. Advanced version required for multi user/system setups.

Free Trial


This is a no risk trial: just carry out the simple set-up instructions to start backing up your data every day. You'll never need to worry about losing files again.

Online Backup Key Features 

  • Easy to set-up and use. A simple 1-Click wizard and phone access to our technical team.
  • Great communications. Email confirmation that each backup is complete or (rarely) an email alerting you of a problem so that you can correct and run the backup again.
  • Comprehensive security. All your data is encrypted and compressed before transmission and stored in encrypted form. It's only decrypted on recovery.
  • Cost-effective. No set-up cost, no software, external hard drive or sets of CD's or DVD's to buy, you just pay for Net Backup space per Gb.
  • Automatic backups. You don't have to remember to run your backups they can run in the background automatically.
  • Easy recovery. To recover any files, or simply access them when you are out of your office, you can install the backup client and download your files via any other online PC.
  • Ultimate confidence. Backup servers stored at Telehouse Europe, one of the UK's most secure data centres. Support from real people. The monthly fee includes full technical support by phone from our specialist backup team.

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