Wibre (Wireless Fibre) Internet Connectivity

Wibre is based on an existing high-grade fibre infrastructure throughout London over 60Ghz radio bandwidth.

Once we have established a line of sight, we can install the antenna (about the size of an iPad) onto your rooftop in order to provide ultrafast internet connectivity. This is a private, point-to-point, radio connection that delivers synchronous download and upload speeds of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300Mb or even upto 1Gb.

The main benefits of Wibre are:

  • Ultrafast synchronous internet connectivity (10MB – 1GB), which would allow tasks such as uploading large video files to the internet or remote working to become far more efficient.
  • Unlike fibre which requires the road to be dug up, with the accompanying lengthy timescale and cost involved, this technology can be installed within 15 working days and also unlike fibre, your connection cannot be interrupted by a utility company cutting through your cable.
  • Indispenable as a Disaster Recovery solution for your business critical internet connectivity as a
    failover/backup to your fibre. No single point of failure, critical insurance so your staff can keep working.
  • Can be used as a temporary internet connectivity solution whilst waiting for fibre installation.
  • The data link can be used as a platform to provide different layers of services such as videoconferencing and VOIP. Therefore you can restructure and streamline your technology in a more cost effective way.
  • Wibre is extremely future-proof, as internet speeds can be increased quickly and remotely. This means you only pay for what you need and when your business grows you don’t have install new technologies.

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This connectivity can also be used as a resilient failover DR solution for your fibre connection, click here to see what could happen.


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